Local Quality

Local Quality

Local Quality: We aim to emphasize the advantages of opting for reputable local private chauffeured transportation companies such as ARM VTC, as opposed to industry behemoths like Uber and Bolt, which often prioritize quantity over quality of service. These industry giants have faced criticism for their questionable practices. Including exploiting their drivers, implementing deceptive pricing strategies, and being involved in scams that affect customers. In contrast, ARM VTC and similar local players shine with their commitment to providing high-quality private transportation and taxi services. Their emphasis on personalized experiences, coupled with a deep understanding of local dynamics, sets them apart. Moreover, by choosing ARM VTC, customers actively contribute to supporting the local economy and fostering community growth. These factors collectively position ARM VTC as a preferred choice for those seeking reliable and ethical transportation solutions. ARM VTC provides a refreshing alternative to the questionable practices of industry giants

Benefits of Local Companies

Local QualityLocal Quality: ARM VTC, as a local private transportation and taxi company, offers a range of distinct advantages:

  1. Personalized Service. At ARM VTC, we pride ourselves on providing personalized service to each client, tailoring to their specific needs and ensuring their satisfaction at every stage of the journey.
  2. In-depth Knowledge of the Area. Our drivers are local experts, perfectly familiar with the region. With their expertise, we ensure efficient journeys, avoiding traffic jams and unnecessary detours.
  3. Commitment to the Local Community. By choosing ARM VTC, you support the local economy and contribute to job creation in our community.
  4. Service Flexibility: We strive to accommodate all our clients’ requests, offering complete flexibility in terms of schedules, destinations, and special needs.
  5. Priority Customer Relationship. At ARM VTC, we maintain close relationships with our clients, ensuring attentive and personalized service with every interaction.
  6. Transparent Pricing. We believe in transparent pricing, providing our clients with clear estimates and competitive rates, without hidden fees.

In Strasbourg, whether you need a taxi, VTC service, or airport transfer, ARM VTC is your ideal partner for all your travel needs. Specializing in sightseeing tours, our experienced drivers will show you the wonders of the region with comfort and expertise. Trust ARM VTC for hassle-free journeys and unforgettable experiences on every trip.


Real Disadvantages of Uber and Bolt

1. Precarious Working Conditions: Uber and Bolt drivers, often independent contractors, face precarious working conditions, including a lack of social protection and unstable incomes. This precariousness can lead to a decline in service quality and affect the well-being of drivers.

2. Lack of Regulation and Safety: VTC platforms like Uber and Bolt are criticized for their lack of regulation regarding vehicle safety and driver training. This can pose a risk to the safety of passengers and other road users.

3. Insufficient Customer Service: Uber and Bolt have often been criticized for their unsatisfactory customer service, with difficulties in quickly resolving issues faced by customers. This lack of support can lead to frustrations and inconveniences for users.

4. Legal Convictions: Uber has been convicted multiple times for tax evasion, non-compliance with European rules, and unfair competition. Additionally, allegations of psychological harassment towards its drivers have been made. Despite these controversies, the company continues to operate, raising concerns about its ethics and social responsibility.

5. Opaque Pricing and Questionable Business Practices: Variable and sometimes opaque fare rates can make it difficult for customers to estimate costs. Furthermore, certain business practices such as surge pricing may appear abusive to customers.

Preferring Local Services

In conclusion, while companies like ARM VTC and many other local transportation firms operate nationwide in France, customers have the opportunity to prioritize quality services tailored to their needs, supporting the local economy. Opting for these local businesses offers personalized transportation experiences, regional expertise, and a commitment to customer satisfaction. Choosing local services also sustains jobs, fosters regional economic growth, and builds lasting community bonds. Ultimately, supporting local enterprises strengthens social and economic fabric, providing quality experiences and promoting values of proximity and commitment.

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