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Taxi Service.

Whether you need a taxi to get to the airport or a VTC for a special evening, ARM VTC ensures all your travels. With our fast and reliable service, you can rest assured you’ll find your way with ease.

Our taxi and VTC service is designed to offer you a pleasant and stress-free experience. Our experienced and professional drivers are here to safely take you to your destination, whether it’s in the city or out of town.

Thanks to our fleet of quality vehicles, you can enjoy a comfortable and peaceful ride, knowing you’re in good hands. We understand the importance of reliability and punctuality, which is why we guarantee efficient and timely service.

Whether it’s for an urgent appointment or a night out in the city, don’t waste any more time searching for transportation. Trust ARM VTC, your fast and reliable Taxi and VTC service. Book now and let us help you find your way with ease.

ARM VTC ensures complete transparency regarding its fares and payment methods. Benefit from competitive and clear rates, without any surprises. We offer a variety of payment options for your convenience, including cash, credit card, and even online payments. Our goal at ARM VTC is to make your travel experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

Service de Taxi et VTC, Taxi Service. Taxi and limo service in Strasbourg

The key features of a Taxi and VTC Service.

When choosing a Taxi or VTC service, it’s essential to consider some key features to ensure you get the best experience possible. Here are some of the characteristics to look for:

  • 24/7 Availability: ARM VTC guarantees full availability, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No matter the time you need transportation, we’re here for you.
  • Well-Maintained Vehicles: At ARM VTC, we regularly maintain our vehicles to ensure your comfort and safety during the journey. Our cars are always clean and in perfect condition.
  • Professional and Experienced Drivers: Our Taxi and VTC drivers are experienced professionals, trained and licensed. Their expertise and knowledge of the roads ensure a safe and stress-free journey.
  • Easy Booking Options: ARM VTC offers multiple booking options for your Taxi and VTC, including by phone, online, or through our user-friendly mobile app. Easily and quickly book according to your preferences.
  • Transparent and Reasonable Prices: We provide transparent and reasonable fares, without hidden fees or unpleasant surprises. Get a clear quote before your journey and travel with peace of mind with ARM VTC.

When you choose ARM VTC, you’re opting for a Taxi and VTC service that prioritizes quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction. Book now and enjoy an exceptional transportation experience on every trip.”

Large Selection of Cars for All Your Travel Needs

Choose the Superiority of Our Services Over Other Transportation Options.

When it comes to choosing a mode of transportation, you have several options available. ARM VTC’s Taxi and VTC services offer distinct advantages over other transportation options.

1. Door-to-door service: ARM VTC’s Taxi and VTC services provide door-to-door transportation, saving you the hassle of finding parking or walking to your destination.

2. Flexible scheduling: ARM VTC’s Taxi and VTC services are available 24/7, allowing you to travel anytime, even late at night or early in the morning, ideal for early flights or late-night outings.

3. Comfort and convenience: With ARM VTC’s Taxi and VTC services, enjoy a comfortable ride in a quality vehicle equipped with all necessary amenities, such as air conditioning and Wi-Fi.

4. Transparent fares: ARM VTC’s Taxi and VTC services offer transparent fares, eliminating unpleasant surprises and allowing you to plan your budget accurately.

5. Additional safety: With ARM VTC’s Taxi and VTC services, benefit from additional safety by being alone in the vehicle with the driver, reducing the risk of theft or aggression.

Considering these advantages, it’s clear that ARM VTC’s Taxi and VTC services are a convenient, reliable, and secure transportation option, providing quality service for all your travels.

At ARM VTC, our clients are at the heart of our concerns. We are committed to providing exceptional service that meets their expectations. Here are some testimonials of satisfaction from our clientele:

Blanki Mart Vel
Blanki Mart Vel
Excelente. Recomiendo sin ninguna duda su servicio.Muy fácil de contratar, contacto rápido por WhatsApp y puntual en la recogida.
Reza Fadli Hamdani
Reza Fadli Hamdani
très bon service!
Marina Rodriguez
Marina Rodriguez
Had an amazing experience and super nice staff!!
Rosella Nicolini
Rosella Nicolini
Service impecable !
Sumitra Satyavolu
Sumitra Satyavolu
Extremely friendly and pleasant experience.
Lilit Harutyunyan
Lilit Harutyunyan
Very comfortable car with very polite driver who also explained us how to go to Strasbourg's beautiful and historical places. I would highly recommend this service.
Alla Harutyunyan
Alla Harutyunyan
Super services ARM VTC
benjamin roth
benjamin roth
À deux doigts de louper le train. Gor a à tout fait pour me déposer dans les temps, tout en respectant le code de la route et sans commettre d’infraction. Il m’a montré un raccourcis par le parking longue durée qui nous a évité des bouchons et fait gagner un temps précieux ! J’ai eu mon train in extremis ! Chauffeur au top !

How to Easily Book Your Taxi or VTC with ARM VTC

Book your taxi or VTC effortlessly with ARM VTC. Choose from various booking methods: call us at 0652174411, visit our dedicated webpage online, or use our app available on the App Store and Google Play.

The booking steps are simple:

  1. Select the date and time of your trip.
    Choose the type of vehicle you prefer.
  2. Specify any specific requests.
  3. Provide the train or flight number for departures from the train station or airport.
  4. Select your payment method: online or on-site by credit card or cash.

With ARM VTC, booking your taxi or VTC has never been easier.”

Download Our Taxi and VTC Application.

Our taxi and VTC application revolutionizes your travel experience. With a user-friendly and intuitive interface, it allows you to effortlessly book rides in just a few clicks.

Booking a taxi or VTC to the airport or train station has never been easier with our application. Plan your journey in moments, without hassle or waiting. Our rates are transparent and fixed in advance, eliminating any unpleasant surprises upon arrival. No more juggling rough estimates; our system ensures fair and clear pricing from the start.

Experience a serene and stress-free travel journey by downloading our application today.

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