Navette Aéroport Strasbourg

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Navette Aéroport / Airport shuttle

Airport shuttle:

 In France, it is colled navettes because they look like little boats. But don’t let their cute appearance fool you – these small buses have some serious features! Read on to find out what they’re made of and why they’re so popular.

The «Navettes» are small electric or hybride vehicles that run on electricity and hydrogen fuel cells. They are used in many cities around the world, including Strasbourg, Paris, London, New York City, and Tokyo.

They Have an Air Conditioning System.

These buses have air conditioning systems that keep passengers comfortable during hot days. They also have heaters to warm up the bus when it’s cold outside.

They're Very Safe.

Safety is one of the main reasons people choose to ride the navettes. They’re very safe. There are no doors between the driver and passenger, so there’s no chance of getting hit by an opening door. And the seats are designed with safety in mind. Each seat has its own armrest, and the seats themselves are padded.

And They're Cheap.

If you’re looking for a cheap way to travel around Europe, then the navettes might just be the ticket. You can buy tickets online at any time, and they cost less than half as much as regular bus fares. Plus, they take you right to your destination, so you won’t need to worry about finding a place to park.

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